Cookies & privacy

How we use cookies and handle data

This website uses various internet technologies, like cookies, to give you a better user experience and to promote the housing project presented on the website. Cookies are small text files that are downloaded and stored in your browser when you visit a website. This is quite common technology used on most websites. Liveqube AS (<<Liveqube>>) is responsible for the operation of this website.

The information collected is used for technical, analytical and marketing purposes. This allows us to offer you and other visitors the most relevant content and functionality, analyze the traffic and the performance of the site and our marketing, as well as deliver relevant targeted and customized ads through other channels such as Facebook, Instagram and Google. For example, the content and the design shown on the pages you clicked on may be affected by which audience you are supposed to belong to.

Liveqube can also collect technical information such as times for website visits, IP address, web browser, operating system, device, sender site, navigation and interaction, through first-party and third-party cookies. This data is anonymized and cannot be used to identify you as a person.

Liveqube automatically receives the technical information as part of the URL communication between your browser and the website, as well as by cookies from our subcontractors such as Facebook and Google.

How is the information deleted and archived?
The information is stored to varying degrees by us and by clients where they have their own systems and routines for storing such data and to limited extent with subcontractors. Aggregated and anonymized data can be stored indefinitely.
Is it voluntary to give away the information?
You have the opportunity to approve or decline the use of cookies when you visit the website, and you can also change the settings at any time by accessing the Privacy feature (usually available at the bottom of the website).

You can also turn off support for cookies in your browser. You can read more about cookies and procedures to disable this in different browsers here and here.

Please note that this may result in the website not functioning properly or showing less relevant content to you.

Is the personal data provided to a third party?
The website is made on behalf of the project developer of the project and/or broker, and the information will be shared with those responsible for the fulfilling the purpose as described in this cookie policy.

Liveqube uses various subcontractors to host web pages, databases, mailing, analysing website traffic, ensuring good stability and technical performance on the page, as well as showing you and our visitors the most relevant content on the website.

This involves the use of cookies and/or information exchange with them to the extent necessary to deliver the services.

Liveqube uses Google's services (including Google Analytics, GoogleAdwords and Google Display Network) for site analysis and to deliver targeted advertising, ad insights, conversion metrics, audience generation, and remarketing.

If you agree to this, technical information, analytical data, ad settings, visit history and the ads you clicked on, etc. will be measured. Any IP addresses will be anonymized as early as possible in the process.

This allows Liveqube to merge analysis data with marketing data. Google can link this to any other data they are sitting on and use it to customize and optimize which ads you see on Google and in Google's ads network. Your name, other personally identifiable information or sensitive interests will not be linked without your consent.

The information collected by Google can be stored on Google's servers, ie. in USA. Received information is subject to Google's privacy policy.

You can read more about and control how Google records your behavior pattern here.

You can read more and check Google's use of ad cookies here. Google has also created a tool for most browsers to turn off Analytics functionality found here.

Google Tag Manager
Liveqube uses Google Tag Manager to easily manage script that Liveqube uses on the website, primarily Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics

Liveqube uses Facebook's services (including Pixel, Analytics, Remarketing and Custom Audience) for site analysis and to deliver targeted advertising on and off Facebook, ad insights and conversion measurements, audience generation and remarketing, based on data collected as described earlier. The information can be uploaded to Facebook in connection with audience generation to relevant marketing campaigns from us, and this is done in accordance with Facebook's functionality and routines for secure and confidential uploading, processing, generalization and deletion. If you agree to this, a Facebook script will be enabled and cookies will be stored in your browser to measure, among other things, technical information, analytic data, ad settings, visit history, and the ads you clicked on, and so on.

The information collected by Facebook can be stored on Facebook's servers, in the USA.

You can read more and check your tracking and ad settings on Facebook here and here. You can read more about Facebook's Custom Audiences here.