Read what our customers say about our tailored streaming solution. We have helped businesses grow and express their image through music since 2010.

"Liveqube understands us and tailors the music to fit our needs. They are highly competent and are very service minded."
Arne Marius BergRegionsdirektør Thon Hotels
We had the need for renewing our music profile to fit all of our hotels. Liveqube helped us to create different atmospheres in various sections in our hotels. They also helped us with the public performance rights for music in our market. Liveqube has served us as a stable solution and with high flexibility.
"There is a difference between playing music, and playing music that is curated by an expert"

Jon-Andreas Lysebo
General Manager Teatro Restaurants

"With Liveqube we have a music profile that fits our vision and the concept for our restaurant. Liveqube helps us to add the final touch on the experience we want to give our guests.

We have also saved a lot of time and money using Liveqube. Instead of an employee spending a lot of time to make playlists, based on their own preferences, we now use experts who knows exactly what to play.
This gives our guests a much better restaurant experience!"
"The music our customers hear affects their shopping pattern. Liveqube creates playlists that are specially tailored to our image, as our employees choices were not always suitable."

Ane Beate Haugen, Head of marketing i Høyer.

We needed some guidelines on what kind of music to play and make it easier for the shops to choose what kind of music they could play. With Liveqube we have different playlists to that fits our image. And we do not have to worry about someone playing music that does not fit our stores.

"The different sounds in each of our specialist treatment and relaxation areas are a crucial part of setting the scene"
André Julseth
General Manager The Well

Music is powerful. It brings emotions to the surface and has an instant effect in recalling memories and associations. The different sounds in each of our specialist treatment and relaxation areas are a crucial part of setting the scene and helping to create memories for our guests that will last a lifetime.
"Music has a positive impact on our customers and employees. It is great to see happy customers hum along while shopping."

Liveqube has helped us create a good atmosphere with a minimal effort from our side. They have been very helpful both in creating playlists and with installing a new sound system. Any questions and requests have been responded to quickly, and they have also helped us stay on the right side of the law when it comes to public license fees. Liveqube is a safe choice you can trust.

Gunnar Wergeland – SPAR